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Stay Golden


Our seasonal rotating single origin from Colombia Huila. Dynamic and great for all around brew including espresso. Perfect with milk. Get a sweet, chill vibe of green apple and light milk chocolate.

STAY GOLDEN came from our continued drive to stay true to ourselves and on the positive vibe no matter what with influence from our true unicorns (kids) in mind. Enjoy our grown-up version of a warm rainbow in the front! 

Colombia Huila Agustino Forest GrainPro is produced by members of COOAGUSTINOS, which is an association of approximately 800 small coffee producers from the San Agustín municipality and other communities in the department of Huila, Colombia. The members of COOAGUSTINOS, in collaboration with an exporting company called Inconexus, coordinate efforts to support Huila Agustino Forest coffee producers. Currently, there are ongoing projects including infrastructural improvements to each producer’s farm and training sessions. These training sessions are aimed at improving the quality of the coffee and practices associated with the protection of the environment in the region where coffee is produced.


Country: Colombia

RegionSan Agustín, Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1400 - 1900 meters

Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun


12oz, 340grams