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our story

We are Kirk and Judy Hayes and a long, long, long time ago we dreamed of opening a shop that served a sweet cup of coffee that highlighted its natural and dynamic flavors. A game changer that set the right tone before you got to work, reading, on a laptop, or with company. We wanted beans roasted in a way that it unearthed the true delicate flavors in which it was grown, processed and blended. We wanted to serve it the way we liked it to be pulled. 

So we started roasting in our kitchen with our 1 year old twins crawling around the house. 

Fast forward 6 years later, we are proud roasters curating greens from direct farms, importers, and serving out of our little coffee cart at the Coastside Farmer's Market. 

Thank you for stopping by and supporting! We are all about hospitality and making you feel amazing. 

In 2019, look forward to seeing our vintage coffee truck in the Sea Bowl parking lot!