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Intoxicating and beautifully packaged at the World's End Farm in New York, Susan Ryhanen has been crafting olive oil soaps since 1999. Wonderfully scented with essentials oils, saponified oils of olive, coconut, castor and shea butter. We could not help but become a proud stockist on the West Coast. 


Cedarwood warm, woody, all-time classic scent. Promote vitality and soothe the mind just like the Greeks and Romans.

Coffee mint coffee grounds and peppermint will have you looking forward to that morning shower

Lavender oatmeal classic combination of lavender and ground oats, this mild exfoliating soap is terrific for face and body. 

Rose geranium An uplifting floral essential oil blend focusing on rose geranium.

Clary Sage with dill Clean, earthy, and bright. It's worth mentioning that smelling clary sage essential oil is known to induce euphoria.

Coriander citrus A bright duo of coriander and citrus essential oils, awakening and uplifting.

6oz , Made in New York