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"Instant" Craftsman Coffee


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We know how to be on the go. Especially when we do not have time or space to haul the brew gear. In between being a weekend warrior with the California coast as your backyard or a job that banks up frequent flyer miles we need an awesome, no-fuss cup of coffee.

Leave it to us and our new friends at Sudden to help bring our blends into a phenomenal instant coffee. Ridiculously clean and a cup with body that marvels your mouth. So good you don’t need to bother with milk and sugar. That is some serious no fuss-y brew.

Skeptical? Yes, but you will be debunked. Especially if your friend sips this stocking stuffing you gifted, camping at the Pinnacles, or refueling after a major bike ride or surf. 

Each test tube contains 5grams of crystallized blend of Brazil and Kenya roasted coffee. All you need is 8-10oz of hot water and all of a sudden, life is all well and you are ready to crush it.

Farm: Bourbon, Heirloom Varietals
Country: Brazil, Kenya
Region: Minas Gerais Brazil, Nyeri County Kenya
Processing: Wet washed and natural


4 Tubes - 0.7oz/20g